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Advocate Ketina Chivasa


‘KCrazy Ketina weDzungu’, ethnic Zimbabwean, challenging upbringing, a Domestic Violence Survivor, immigrated to New Zealand in 2007. A Mother of two, well known Ultramarathon Runner (100 miles, 165kms), Registered Nurse with a Masters degree with Honors, certified healthcare auditor and vaccinator, has several years Intensive Care Unit experience, also Community Nursing and Senior Management experience in Aged Residential Care. She is passionate about Infection Prevention and Control as a Consultant in business promoting all aspects of healthier communities by her broadcasting, life and communication skills.



Infection Prevention and Control


KC is a fierce campaigner for Africanism – broadcast media is an ideal communication for this hence her commitment to share her passion through radio and many online portals. She has also been designated a NZ Ministry of Justice African Report Writer.

Ketina comes with a raw authenticity, leaving no stone unturned in discussing all aspects of life, often quoted as ‘an Oprah Winfrey in the making’, rated in the Top 5 Best Motivational Speakers in New Zealand https://natsoc.org.au. She is a true Professional, Christian and General Lifestyle Speaker with a very charismatic and inspirational approach.

She has extensive worldwide contacts with a large digital following. Her presentations are authentic, engaging, and for some enraging truths, underpinned by her extensive knowledge and faith, she covers and is a keen Advocate on a wide diversity of topics. Ketina’s motto ‘There is no me without Jesus’.

Ben Harris
Ben Harris

Co-Founder NZ Pan African Broadcasting Corporation

Ben Harris, Medical Microbiology Scientist for over 40 years, Honorary University Lecturer, advisor for Hospitals, General Practice, Public Health, the Aged Care sector and the Community, Speaker, sharing and fostering his extensive knowledge on Infection Prevention and Control. His passion is the world of microbes and how they relate to both our good health, when in balance, and our bad health (infectious diseases, pandemics, epidemics, antibiotic resistance). Ben freely shares his knowledge on many related subjects to worldwide audiences to promote healthier individuals and communities for the long term.